What is the ACCA SBL course?

acca strategic business leader

Strategic business leadership helps you navigate the dynamic business management landscape. But to emerge as a future-ready leader, you need to have sufficient academic experience. This is where ACCA SBL comes to the fore.

ACCA SBL is a special course designed to help you achieve the educational requirements needed to become an agile leader who can take the business to the next level of growth and traction.

It is structured around eight modules and also features a final project module.

ACCA SBL can be completed through distance learning and/or face-to-face learning as you will learn skills required to take on board new challenges in the business world.

The course comes with full study materials, including video lectures, ebooks, case study questions, and case studies. The SBL course is a key step in developing yourself as a forward-looking leader who can create and lead dynamic teams that can get the job done well. Here are some key aspects covered-

1 - Developing a business plan

This module allows you to learn how to launch a new business, with sections on how to define your objectives, how to assess business requirements and how to develop your business plan.

2 - Managing a team

This module focuses on team management, building and maintaining a high-performing, cohesive and motivated team. You will learn how to create a commitment to change and how to manage teams.

You will also understand the importance of managing your people in order to achieve your business objectives. In addition, you will learn how to complete an effective performance review of employees.

3 - Cross-cultural management

This module focuses on cross-cultural management, which is vital if you want to succeed in a globalised business world. You will learn how to plan for overseas expansion, identify risks and opportunities and develop a management style that suits the culture of your new target market.

In addition, you will learn about different management styles, such as accommodating and non-accommodating.

You will also draw up strategies for managing remote teams and managing multicultural teams.

Why choose ACCA SBL

1 - 10 days of intense learning

The course covers eight modules, each designed to give you a deeper understanding of the subject.

In each module, you will cover all the key concepts required to complete your studies and grasp a better understanding of the subject matter.

2 - Get online tutoring

You can also receive online teaching support and assessment feedback from our tutor.

We will offer you a chance to solve any problems or queries you might have about the course or subjects covered.

Depending on how many questions you ask and how often you communicate with your tutor, this can either be a one-to-one or group tutoring session.

3 - You can study at your own pace

The SBL course is online, allowing you to choose the times that are most convenient for you.

You can also save courses for future study as you do not have to complete all the modules at once.

This means that you can complete the course in small chunks of time and spend more time on each module as required.

You may also choose to check out some of the modules at other times if you feel like it.

Go for the ACCA strategic business leader course at Syntrofia and take your career to a new growth trajectory.

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