What is covered in the treasury management course?

treasury management courses

Maybe you are considering taking a treasury management course and want to know what is covered in this type of course? In this article, we will take a look at what is typically covered in a treasury management course.

Who is the treasury management course for?

The treasury management courses are designed for those who want to learn more about the role of a treasury manager. They also get to know about the activities that are performed on a day-to-day basis.

Concepts like cash management, working capital management, and foreign exchange risk management feature prominently in such courses.

If you are in the financial domain and want to upskill yourself for better career opportunities, then such courses can lead your career in the right direction.

Some of the key treasury functions include the below

1 - Credit and Interest rate risks

2 - Managing working capital to prevent short-term cash flow challenges while meeting obligations to vendors, employee salaries, interest, and taxes.

3 - Manage liquidity challenges to ensure a smooth cash flow at all stages of the business

4 - Manage the intricacies of exchange risks for currency exchange rates across countries.

What is Covered in Treasury Management Course?

There are basically three types of treasury management courses that you can take – Certificate program, Diploma program, and Advanced diploma course.

The Certificate program covers a wide range of topics, including foreign exchange risk management, short-term and liquidity risk management and so on.

The Diploma program is more focused on financial trading and features topics like foreign exchange derivative products, interest rate derivatives, and treasury products.

The Advanced diploma in treasury management course encompasses the topics normally taught in a commercial course and helps you understand the intricacies of the business. It will help you maximize your skill set and has better career opportunities. You will be able to handle major transactions and make management decisions.

So, if you are looking to pursue a career in treasury management, then this type of learning will help you acquire the requisite skills and knowledge.

How will the course benefit learners?

After taking the course, learners can look at fulfilling various objectives like

1 - Gain in-depth insights into the entire process of working capital management

2 - Get comprehensive training on business valuation as well as cash management concepts for operating a successful business.

3 - Cover basic as well as advanced problems related to cash management that influence various departments of a business.

4 - Know the practices of asset- liability management

5 - Correctly identify accounting practices like GAAP and IFRS for multinational businesses.

6 - Develop a deeper understanding of financial markets and their intricacies in working.

7 - Understand the various processes used on a daily basis by the treasury function

8 - Get a deeper understanding of practices like hedging, options, and speculation

To sign off

With these concepts covered in the treasury management courses, you will find yourself fast-tracking into the financial domain after completing this course. Contact Syntrofia to know how to can apply for these courses and the starting dates for the same.

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